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About Us

Tracy Wesinger has been teaching art for over 17 years in oils and other media to both adults and children. She has taught at Hudson Catholic High School, St. Michael's Grammar School and The Advanced Math and Science Academy. She has also had numerous private students over the last 17 years.

Tracy has a Business Degree from Isenburg School of Management at The University of Massachusetts and has several years of business experience; specializing in sales and marketing.

Mrs. Wesinger has written a curriculum for drawing and painting that includes a step by step process on how to accurately portray a subject . It includes the know how to correctly understand the techniques necessary to complete a painting well ,with good composition, perspective and color principle. With over 600 students passing through her classroom, she has learned to appropriately help beginners and very advanced painters as well. Please consider coming with a notebook.


Mrs. Wesinger's  Art Studio  ~ Lessons & Summer Camp